Deciphering travel insurance

The problem with medical stability periods clauses

Most all travel insurance policies require travelers to be ‘medically stable’ for a certain period of time prior to their trip departure date. Depending on your age and health status, stability periods can be three, six or even, as long as, 12 months. 

This means that there can be no changes to your health status or with any medication(s) you take. Failure to disclose any change, such as being prescribed a new medication or even a change in dosage, could render your policy null and void, resulting in the denial of a claim. Even a medical test will deem you medically unstable, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG).

Some Canadians choose not to see their doctor prior to traveling to avoid being treated, having a test done, or being prescribed a new medication. However, this doesn’t solve the problem of stability periods, and it creates a health risk. A lack of timely treatment for medical issues can lead to bigger problems than being ineligible for travel insurance coverage.

Travel insurance with no medical stability period exclusions, a Canadian insurance provider, offers Canadians with pre-existing medical conditions the opportunity to secure personalized travel insurance that matches their specific health circumstances.

Clear Compare’s proprietary medical assessment technology can provide coverage for over 1,300 medical conditions including transplants, epilepsy, stroke, heart conditions, diabetes, and cancer. All without medical stability period limitations and/or exclusions.

You can apply for complete coverage even with recent changes in your health status or medication(s), backed by leading, brand name insurance companies, including Manulife and AIG. 

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