Top five tips for buying travel medical insurance

  1. Don’t travel without it, ever: Coverage supplied by your provincial health-care plan is inconsequential in relation to the bills you can rack up in a short stay in a U.S. or other foreign hospital.
  2. Report any and all pre-existing medical conditions.Denial of claims often results from people buying coverage without disclosing this information.
  3. Be meticulous in your disclosures: Mistakenly answering health questions may invalidate your coverage; talk to your doctor if necessary.
  4. Check for limitations and exclusions: Pregnant women should check this fine print without fail, so should people engaging in adventure sports.
  5. Understand that you have no medical secrets: If you make a claim, your insurer will ask for your permission to dive into your medical files to discover what conditions you’ve been treated for and which medications you’re taking.

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