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Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients in Canada

by Lawrence Ferron

Travel insurance is a crucial consideration for anyone planning a trip, but it becomes even more significant for cancer patients. In Canada, finding travel insurance that adequately covers a particular medical condition requires understanding specific needs and challenges. This guide aims to help Canadians navigate the complexities of travel insurance, ensuring they have the right coverage for their unique circumstances.

Special Considerations for Cancer Patients in Travel Insurance

When selecting travel insurance, cancer patients must consider several key factors. The stage and type of cancer, ongoing treatments, and overall health status can all impact insurance eligibility and premium rates. Insurers may require detailed medical information and might adjust coverage options based on the patient’s current health status and medical history.

Overview of Travel Insurance Options for Cancer Patients

Travel insurance options for patients with medical conditions vary, ranging from standard policies with medical coverage to specialized plans catering specifically to their needs. Some policies offer comprehensive medical coverage, including for cancer-related issues, while others might exclude certain conditions. Comparing policies is essential to find one that provides the necessary coverage without prohibitive costs.

Tips for Securing Travel Insurance as a Cancer Patient

Gather Comprehensive Medical Information:

Before applying for insurance, assemble all relevant medical information. This includes details about your cancer diagnosis, treatment history, current treatment plans, and any medications you are taking. Accurate and detailed medical records can expedite the assessment process and ensure appropriate coverage.

Consult with Healthcare Providers:

Speak with your oncologist or primary care physician about your travel plans. They can provide medical advice on whether you are fit to travel and what kind of medical support you might need while away. Their insights can guide you in choosing a policy that aligns with your health requirements.

Understand Policy Terms Thoroughly:

Read and understand the terms and conditions of potential policies. Pay close attention to clauses regarding pre-existing conditions, especially how they define and cover cancer-related issues. It’s important to know what is covered and what is excluded, such as specific treatments or medications. At ClearCompare, we explain our policies so you can give a call to one of our experts to make sure you understand your coverage.

Check the Stability Clause:

Many travel insurance policies for pre-existing conditions include a stability clause. This clause requires that your medical condition, including cancer, be stable for a certain period before your trip. Clarify this period with the insurer and ensure that your health status complies with their definition of stability. ClearCompare policies do not have stability period requirements.

Compare Multiple Quotes:

Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Obtain quotes from several insurance providers to compare coverage options and premiums. This can help you find the most comprehensive coverage at the most reasonable price. You can also use ClearCompare’s online comparison tool to see quotes from different providers side-by-side.

Plan for Possible Medical Care During Travel:

Consider the healthcare facilities at your destination. Ensure that your travel insurance provides adequate coverage for the types of medical care available there, especially if you might require specialized cancer treatments.

Be Prepared for Higher Premiums:

Due to the increased risk associated with insuring cancer patients, be prepared for potentially higher premiums. While cost is a factor, don’t compromise on the extent of coverage needed for your safety and peace of mind. Tailored Travel Insurance for Your Needs stands out as a provider of travel insurance for cancer patients in Canada. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with serious medical conditions, including cancer. utilizes proprietary medical assessment technology to offer coverage options for a wide range of medical conditions. Our policies are designed to provide comprehensive coverage without the usual limitations, ensuring that cancer patients can travel with peace of mind, knowing they are fully protected.


For cancer patients in Canada, finding the right travel insurance is a critical step in travel planning. This guide aims to empower patients with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their travel insurance. With the right coverage, cancer patients can enjoy their travels with the assurance that their health and well-being are safeguarded.


What should cancer patients consider when choosing travel insurance in Canada?
Patients should consider the specifics of their cancer diagnosis, treatment, and overall health, as these factors influence insurance eligibility and premiums.

Are there travel insurance policies that specifically cover cancer patients?
Yes, some policies are designed to cater to cancer patients, offering comprehensive medical coverage that includes cancer-related issues.

How does cater to cancer patients seeking travel insurance? offers specialized insurance using proprietary medical assessment technology to provide coverage tailored to individuals with serious medical conditions like cancer.

What is important to disclose when applying for travel insurance as a cancer patient?
Full disclosure of medical history, including cancer diagnosis, treatment, and current health status, is crucial for accurate coverage.

Can cancer patients in Canada find travel insurance without prohibitive costs?
Yes, by comparing different policies and providers, cancer patients can find travel insurance that offers necessary coverage at reasonable rates. ClearCompare’s online quote comparison tool can help with that.

Is travel advised for cancer patients?
Travel decisions should be made in consultation with healthcare providers, considering the patient’s health status and medical needs.

How does travel insurance benefit cancer patients?
Travel insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind, covering medical emergencies and other travel-related issues specific to cancer patients.


Author: Lawrence Ferron

With over twenty-five years of experience in financial services, Lawrence Ferron had held senior executive positions at leading Canadian financial institutions. Prior to founding Clear Compare insurance, he was Vice President and Head of Product & Marketing for Manulife’s direct-to-consumer Insurance division.

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