Clear Compare Travel Insurance Myths

Travel Insurance Myths

You are not alone if you feel like travel insurance is not always transparent about what’s covered.

We’ll help you compare plans and clearly explain the coverage, so you can be confident you’re protected for worry free travel.

Lets dispel some common myths about travel insurance.

Myth #1: I can’t get coverage for an unstable medical condition

Clear Compare provides policies with No Stability Period Exclusions, making full coverage available even if you’ve had a recent change in health status or the medications you take. All backed by leading, brand name insurance companies, including Manulife and AIG.

Myth #2: I’m covered on my credit card

Every credit card is different, but while the typical/popular cards do provide SOME coverage, there are many restrictions, including limited or no coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Typically, the maximum days of coverage is 21 days. However, if you’re over 65, you are limited to only 4 days of coverage.

Myth 3#: Just buy the policy with the lowest premium rate

The old adage is true, you get what you pay for. Low cost policies may not provide complete or adequate coverage. Watch out for stability period exclusions that require your medical conditions to be “stable”, no changes in your health status or medications, for three, six and sometimes as long as 12 months.

Myth #4: All travel insurance policies are the same

Travel insurance should be personalized. Look for a provider that offers accurate advice from experienced, licensed advisors (not commissioned call centre reps). Make sure you have access to a variety of plans to ensure you can be offered a policy that meets your specific needs.

Trust Clear Compare for expert advice, so you can be confident you’re protected from financial loss while travelling.

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