The importance of high blood pressure travel insurance

My blood pressure isn’t high anymore… do I still need to declare it on my travel insurance policy?

We understand your blood pressure may not currently be high. However, if you have previously had high blood pressure and are controlling it with medication, it is still important to disclose this as a pre-existing condition on your travel insurance policy.

Why may my claim be declined?

If you have any complications on vacation and haven’t fully declared all your conditions, your claim may become invalid. Therefore, it is vital that you disclose all your medical conditions!

Additionally, if you have other medical conditions associated with high blood pressure such as stroke, heart attack, angina, these can also trigger additional insurance premiums.

The price of your medical travel insurance is based not only on your medical conditions but also on other factors such as your age, where you intend to travel to and for how long.

Why high blood pressure travel insurance is so important

Providing you have fully disclosed your high blood pressure your policy should cover any unplanned medical treatment as a result of your high blood pressure.

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